Solar Inverters

Kstar New Energy Co. Ltd. operates a subsidiary company of Kstar and specializes in the development and production of renewable energy solutions, such as solar inverters and uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS).

Kstar’s production of solar inverters started in 2009 and currently their range of solutions includes on-grid single-phase inverters with a power spanning from 1.5KW up to 5KW (in the KSG and KSG SD series) suitable for small environments, three-phase inverters (in the KSG TM series) from 10KW to 50KW which are best used in medium-sized applications, and three-phase inverters (in the GSL series) with a power ranging between 50KW and 1260KW, suitable for large-sized power plants. The company also supplies off-grid and hybrid inverters, solar chargers, fuel cells and wind inverters.

KSG 10K-20K
KSG 30K-60K

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